As you are here…

Here is a glimpse of Who I am… just the professional side, the other side is elsewhere on my social media accounts

Who I am

I mostly refer to myself as a Brand Storyteller… ​But what  I really do is help Brands and people tell their own stories, and shape their narratives

“No one will tell your story better than you do”- that is what I always tell those I help.

My servitude is to assisting you to tell the story in a powerful and effective way to connect with your audience.

How did I get here….

Studying Journalism and Media for my undergrad made me understand the power in stories but it also helped me realise how those whose stories are not being heard are at the mercy of those who are telling the stories. I believe that the power of storytelling is something that everyone and brand should enjoy and get themselves seen, heard and understood. ​

This motivated me to create Tipster to give ordinary people a platform that would help get their stories in mainstream media.  ​Then this led to also helping startups to not just shape their narratives and stories, but, to also get those stories to a more global audience.

​And that brings us to where I am now…

A very simple summary of my startup journey so far…

Awards and Recognition

Where Am I going next?

This last year doing (MA) in Public Relations has exposed me to awesome digital communication skills. Add that to my previous work experience,  I have gained confidence in my storytelling skills including good listening and engagement skills, organisational skills and strategic thinking and planning.

But, that is not enough, I’m looking forward to moving from beta phase and putting all this to practice.

So, do get in touch if you want us to work together telling stories in a new and exciting fashion

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