The Scoop About Me

I am a storyteller, with a background in Journalism and Media Studies, Public Relations, and working with brands to shape their stories.

Interestingly, with my communication skills it is not my story I seek to tell, rather I am more enthusiastic about helping others shape and tell their stories. My African values of Ubuntu - which means "I am because we are" reminds me that when I help others tell their stories then my story is told too.

I approach storytelling not as a profession but a creative and expressive outlet. I believe in the power that our stories hold.

Written Storytelling
Visual Storytelling
Social Media Expertise
Media Knowledge
Strategic Thinking and Planning
Team Working


In order to help brands to tell enduring stories, I offer my expertise in the following areas:
Ability to articulate ideas in a seemingly simple, yet exciting and understandable way. The goal is to achieve a mutual understanding and connection with  audiences. This includes written, verbal communication, presentations and public speaking... Check it out
Tech Savviness
Spending countless hours with Tech startups has helped me to be curious about tech, how it works and how it can be leveraged on, i.e. social media platforms, SEO, Digital content creation tools like Canva, Photoshop, Giphy, PicsArt, WordPress Check it out
International Perspective
Through a combination of my love for travelling and also opportunities to network with diverse groups of people around the world, I have managed to develop an Emotional and Cultural Intelligence which gives me a better understanding of the world around me. Check it out


Work Experiences
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